Our Values


The White family have owned and operated the company for 118 years and are currently in their fourth generation of leadership. Ray White Commercial QLD is a partnership between the White family and Michael McCullagh. The family values in our group have fostered a culture of collaboration and productivity, instead of the harsh corporate environment that this industry is often subject to. 

The family values permeate across the entire company, the leadership team, the White family and the magnitude of families that operate within the network.

Ray White Commercial QLD | For some it’s business, for us it’s family


There are 45 Ray White Commercial offices which operate across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, as well as over 1000 residential and rural offices. The network is made up of thousands of high performing operators within the Ray White brand. We identify the strength in not only the numbers, but the close and collaborative relationships between different teams for mutual benefit. Ray White Commercial QLD is a leading office in this network. 

Ray White Commercial QLD | The full service experts with unwavering support 


We don’t just give our agents a desk, a phone and leave them to their own devices; we have a reputation for providing the best tailored training, support, and resources to enable individuals to grow and improve their skills to achieve the best results for their clients. Our business ethos is to ensure that each agent is provided with the infrastructure and platform designed to maximise efficiency servicing their clients.

Ray White Commercial QLD | For those who want to focus on what matters


We reward our agents financially and emotionally. Our aim is to foster an environment where agents will feed off the good energy from those around them. We celebrate the successes of our team and reward those who make inspiring contributions. We are known for our culture of rewarding ambition and incentivising growth. We believe that highly engaged employees, create highly engaged customers, which results in better outcomes for all. 

Ray White Commercial QLD | For those who want to be rewarded


We promote a culture of encouragement and idea sharing, always looking for and taking on input into the structure, ideas and processes. We are proud to work in a good, honest environment where we will fight for deals, but follow the rules and uphold the reputation we have built over the past 118 years. Our practice is one of complete transparency and compliance with all industry regulations.

Ray White Commercial QLD | Family brand, family values


We build around the individual to help achieve their career goals. There is no ceiling on the ability to build an individual’s business with the flexibility around what that business looks like.  We are proud to be known for exceptional support of younger agents with the opportunity for mentorship and a clear career pathway to ensure that they have every chance at long term success. We are relentless in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

Ray White Commercial QLD | Setting you up for greatness